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I’d like to take this moment to thank you for visiting this site as it goes through another upgrade.  It has been a whirlwind year and a lot has happened, but I truly believe that we are well on our way in the development of this field.  We had a fantastic 1st Annual Forensic Imaging Conference in Tunica, MS.  The speakers, vendors and attendee’s made it an awesome experience, but more on that on another page.

What you are going to find on this website is not just information and articles pertaining to Radiology only, but the Forensic Sciences that also can benefit from the use of Forensic Imaging.
Areas such as:
• Anthropology
• Entomology
• Pathology
• Odontology
• Forensic Investigations
• Archaeology
• To name a few

New to the revamping of the website is the inclusion of sponsors who are interested in developing the field of Forensic Imaging.  They were at the conference and shared excellent information and demonstration of what their products were all about, and how it will benefit the field. So take a look and keep checking back as the site grows and the field grows.


Beth Schrack
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